My students are my Prozac


my students are my prozac, this sentence came to my mind right after i finished today’s lesson. it’s a tough day. i’ve been sick for almost a week and plus the weather and everything is blue, gray, and i’m really down. tears just run down without a reason. everything is an effort. i don’t feel like preparing for lessons. somehow feel that it doesn’t make how much i try, they won’t appreciate it and why am i here trying to drive myself crazy. why do i spend so much time to make it better, make it more fun. well, i try, and  a lot of time it doesn’t work. that’s why i felt very upset and disappointed last time after class. lost, helpless. sigh.


however, this evening, before i went in class, i chatted with my director and haven’t talked to her for quite a while and then when i went into the class, was a bit surprised. last week i had 23 students and this week only 16, which was really good, much better a number to handle. i even had students who studied in my class last year before i took a vacation to canada. wow, 6 months, i was surprised that i still can call his name. but not most new students’ names. shame on me.


anyway, the pace was okay, and the student number is just right. i really enjoy it. I didn’t feel too happy before class but i love this class and all my students. they are adorable. they made me smile, they made me happy. love them. not just today’s class, yesterday i had very good students too, tomorrow evening’s class is one of my favorite so far, and thursday’s class is full of funny naught kids. saturday student is awesome too. hmm, someone left ur welcome on my status and i almost wanted to remind him to wear a hamlet to class, just in case the side effect. But then I laughed. yes, he made me smile a lot, as same as the time he pissed me off. well. i love most of my students. really love them in a way i found it hard to explain and i think I’m pretty lucky. Well, time for bed. if i can’t get up for tomorrow’s class they’ll be very happy but I won’t. good night.

p.s. : i have to confess this is another sleeping pill post but i think it’s an okay one. nite nite.

from This book will change your life.


Day 97 in da house: today rap!

when you feel down and out a good way to snap out of it is to rap a little about all your hardships. here are some lyrics to get you started and give you a feel for the genre:

my name is chuck i make my own luck everyone else they suck cos hey! i don’t give a ***** (unsigned artists: when you are up to scratch, send your demo to death row records, po box 3037 beverly hills, ca 902120)





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