Tamsui Trip

Day 27  Today you’re not allowed to use the words “yes" or “no". See just how long you last.

A: Are you O.K.? B: I’m fine, actually.

A: Want a beer? B: Not exactly. Thanks.

A: See the game last night? B: I’m afraid I missed it.

A: Did you? B: Yes.

B: Oh, shit.



Haha. It’s not easy if I have to do that. However, for Chinese there are so many different ways to say yes and no and I’ll try for the rest time of today, see if I can avoid all words like that. Hmm, might be difficult. Let’s give it a try 🙂


Now my niece is looking for a book she borrowed from her classmate. I saw that book on the table earlier and she said she read a page but then she put it somewhere. She couldn’t find it anywhere now. My nephew and I helped her look around every possible place and we couldn’t find it. How could that be? The book won’t walk away by itself. Or did it? We stopped the search and we’ll try again later. Well, she started again and I’ll help her after I finish this 🙂


Very nice weather yesterday and today. Really wanted to go to Tamsui yesterday on my way home from my morning class. Too bad I had a class in the evening and I had to do some more preparation, so had to give it up. But, haha, I almost say the word, anyway, today after class, the weather was just too nice that if I don’t go I know I’ll regret. Good that I jumped on the MRT before I changed my mind.


It was quiet and peaceful in Tamsui, not like those crazy weekends. Just can’t stand the crowds. Friday morning was a good time for a walk. I didn’t expect that I would walk all the way to Tamsui Fisher’s Wharf, but I did. It was a long walk, more than an hour, I think. A lot of memories came up during the walk. I used to walk with Peter when he was in Taiwan and I think it was the last time I did that before today’s walk. None of any my Taiwanese friend would walk that far with me, haha. I’ve been to Tamsui so many times with so many different people. Went to Bali this Moon Festival with my family and we all rented a bike and rode all the way to Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, the similar route I did with other two students a few months before that. I ran into an old friend the other day while walking on the riverside. I hadn’t seen him for at least 10 or 15 years? And some sad memories. I remember going there with different students from different classes. However, one student in one of those classes killed herself. All sorts for complex feelings and all kinds of memories. Again, I think I need to work on my writing. Well, not sure if I can find exact words I want to say in Chinese. Writing isn’t easy. Expressing your feelings can be difficult, and putting them into words can be even more difficult.


Anyway, my niece started to look for the book and had no results. My sister came back and found her long face. She started to look for the book and it took less than five minute before she found the book in my bag. Hahaha, it’s me. I thought that was my book and I put it in my bag and of course we didn’t look for the book in my bag. I am just… . Well, that’s just me. Anybody knows me won’t be surprised to hear that. After all, after all those funny things I’ve done, like putting my mug in the closet and couldn’t find it anyway.


Here are some pictures of today’s trip. I enjoy the walk and also lying on the wooden path reading book the most. Time to go to bed. My eyes are sore. Well, I couldn’t find the eye drops and the same thing I looked for every possible place and still couldn’t find them. Perhaps I should ask my sister for help! Good night and have a good weekend.













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