feeling depressed

I guess I’m a bit depressed. Well, maybe more than a bit I have to say.  This has been going on for a while and I don’t know why I didn’t notice it earlier. I’m not tearful or very emotional. I guess this makes it a bit subtle to realize.  How did I find this out? I have no energy. I feel tired very day. I don’t feel happy. And one thing hit me hard is that I was thinking to take a day off from work cause I don’t really feel like working at all. Every time I don’t want to go to work, there is probably something wrong. I love teaching and most of time I have a good time. If I don’t want to go to work to see my lovely students, something has gone very wrong. ha ha. Also when I went swimming today, I found out that I am not happy. I don’t enjoy things I used to love. Some small things can make me happy  but not now. It takes some much to make me smile. I don’t want to go out, I don’t want to do things, and doing anything is an effort. Something wrong. Not right. POF is my excuse but it’s been three weeks. I guess it’s about time I face it and deal with it. Good luck! I’ll have to say this to myself and tell myself everything will be fine. I know, as it always is but the process, the waiting. When it hits the bottom, it will have to come up. and sometimes you might have to struggle and fight to get out of there sooner. sigh. bed time.


4 thoughts on “feeling depressed

  1. RN995 說道:

    Cheer up! 🙂 havent followed up with your writings for a while~ 🙂 Last week I started my 1st swimming class. hahaha… I had 1 on 1 coach 2 yrs ago but I did not succeed. I hope this time I’ll get it!

  2. eva 說道:

    Hii Jessie, I just want to say being yourself and make yourself happy as before. I had been spent a lot of time in your website and first time as well. I like it so much but there have lot of information which i cannot read all of them finish in short time.but I will try my best to read every skills you give. ^^BTW, With you mentioned,you have a friend who has his own school is call 睿言, does this school hire some teachers from UK because I would like attend that course if the price is not so expensive.I am poor girl ^^ Gunight. Wish you have sweetly dreams



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