Another cold day, another headache

That’s right. Jessie had another headache again. sigh. Every time the weather changes dramatically, I have a headache. It’s really annoying. Took another Imigran cause I had quite  a long day. it’s really difficult to get through the day with it. It’s been a couple days that I have had this headache. Well, it seems like it never goes away. As a matter of fact, I quit all medication for a few days. Three or four days, i think. Then I started again, last night, a sleeping pill, today, my medicine for nose allergy and of course imigran. I’m really sick and tired of living with medication. However, the life quality drop dramatically when I’m totally off med. Not sure it’s a good idea, especially when I have to work. It’s not really responsible, right?


tired but couldn’t sleep. exhausted is a better word. so , another sleeping pill again. hadn’t taken them for a long long time before yesterday. it’s okay not to take it but i’ll just end up sleeping late or staying up all night. none of these are good for my health. also i’m considering whether taking imigran or some prevention medication. not sure which is abetter idea.


feeling a bit sleepy now. there’s just too many things running though my mind, like they’re have a big party, a bit of this, a bit of that. yawn. should go to bed. alright. last night. i ran to my student on the bus again. I taught him this afternoon and we were talking about we live in the same neighborhood. Very close, like ten minutes walk. Then tonight i finish class, i saw him on the bus. What  a coincidence.


okay. that’s it for today. should i put the 500 top spoken words up. hmm, perhaps tomorrow. just too too too tired. bed time. good night and sleep well 🙂



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