Rainy days

It’s raining, it’s pouring, my head is aching, and I’m going to work at 6 am 🙂    I was going to complain early this morning when I was on the bus.  However, as soon as I finished the sentence, all my negative feelings just disappeared. I was going to write something like “What a life!" or “C’set la vie." Not sure why, but I guess it’s sometimes good to get rid of your negative feelings just by write down your complaint, haha. Besides, when I wrote this down. I kind of think, hmm, everyone read my status would smile on this lousy rainy day cause most of them would be much luckier than me cause they get to sleep a bit more, not like me, getting up at 5.30. So this kind of counts a good deed. haha.


I’m so hungry cause I only had instant noodles at lunch but I’m too lazy to go out to eat. So here I am , talking nonsense and watching TV. Well, it’s nice to relax for a bit. At least tomorrow I don’t have to teach. Yeah, well, still have to go to school and perhaps go to the workshop. Haven’t decided yet. Should I just take it easy or should I go? I’ll sleep it over. haha. good idea. Time for some food!




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