World English Intro Unit 1 Friends and Family

眼尖的同學大概可以發現潔西把E4A,E4B的講義整理一下放進來而已,呵呵。這是一定要的啦,不然潔西會累死的,不過呢也整整花了我一個下午,好累。其實語言就是這樣,多練習囉。超級認真想要多練習的同學也可以用這份講義自己多多練習,裡面有家庭,個人資訊,跟外貌這三個大類,有部分閱讀跟寫作,自己多練習,效果一定會更好吧。音檔的部份在潔西的雲端,有需要的人再跟潔西要囉。又放在這上面格式亂的超厲害,暈倒,想下載的人請到Google Docs,連結在這兒:


L1 World English Intro Unit 1 Friends and Family           Jessie  P.1



單元目標 文法重點 字彙
Unit 1 Friends and Family                  見面與介紹,辨識家庭成員,              提供個人與家庭資料 現在簡單式be ,                     be +形容詞, 打招呼與介紹,        家庭成員,形容詞


A. Greeting Around the World


Greeting Name
1. a hug  
2. a bow  
3. a handshake  
4. a pat on the back  
5. a kiss on the cheek  
6. waving  
7. high five  
8. fist bump  
9. hand-kissing  
10. namaste  



B. Meeting People Tactics for Listening P.4, CD 1,Track 7, 8

We usually use a title (Ms., Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., Professor) with a last name, but not with a first name, in formal greetings.


Formal:    Good morning, Ms. Smith.

Informal: Good evening, Mary.


Task 1: Listen. Are the woman’s greetings formal or informal? Circle the correct answer.

Task 2: Listen again. What name does each person use? Circle the correct answer.


1.  Formal        Informal       a. Damien        b. David

2. Formal        Informal       a. Jackson       b. Johnson

3. Formal        Informal       a. Rob              b. Bob

4. Formal        Informal       a. Michelle       b. Marcia

5. Formal        Informal       a. Smith           b. Schmidt

6. Formal        Informal       a. James          b. John

7. Formal        Informal       a. Abrams        b. Abraham

8. Formal        Informal       a. Steinway      b. Steinberg


L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.2

C. Personal Information

  1. What’s your name? Do you have a nickname?

How do your parents call you? How about your friends?

My name is Jessie Lin.  My nickname is Meimei. My parents call me Huiching, which is my Chinese name. My friends call me Jessie.

  1. Where are you from?  Where do you live?

I’m from I-lan. I live in Xinyi District, near Taipei 101.

  1. How do you get here? How long does it take?

I get here by bus. It takes about 40 minutes.

  1. What do you do?  Where do you work?

I’m an engineer.    I work in Daan District.

(for students) Where do you go to school?  What grade are you in?

I go to Chinese Culture University.  I’m a freshman.

  1. Do you live with your family? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, I live with my parents and my older brother.

No, I live alone. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I’m an only child.

  1. What do you do in your free time?

I surf the Internet, shop online, and listen to music.

  1. Why do you want to learn English?

I want to find a better job. / I want to study abroad.

  1. How old are you? / How tall are you?

I’m in my thirties. / I’m 1 meter 65.

  1. What’s your blood type?

My blood type is A.

  1. What’s your star sign?  When is your birthday?

I’m a Leo.  / My birthday is on July 25th.




January 20-

February 18 水瓶座



July 22-

August 23獅子座



February 18-

March 20 雙魚座



August 23-

September 23 處女座



March 20-

April 20 白羊座



September 23-October 23 天枰座


April 20-

May 21 金牛座



October 23-

November 22 天蝎座



May 21-

June 21 雙子座



November 22-December 22 射手座


June 21-

July 22 巨蟹座



December 22-

January 20  魔羯座

L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.3

D. 現在簡單式Present Simple    

現在簡單式的句型可分一般動詞與Be兩種句型。英文句子都要有主詞跟動詞,所以當句子中沒有一般動詞時,則需要現在簡單式的Be,也就是am, is, are。Be後面可能接名詞,形容詞,介系詞片語,時間等。

現在簡單式中 Be的句型

1. 肯定句Affirmative

主詞+現在式Be +名詞/形容詞/介係詞片語

S +    Be        +noun/ adjective /preposition phrase

I       am           an English teacher.

You     are           happy.

My father   is            at home.



2. 否定句Negative : 否定句只要在Be後面加not

S +   Be  +  not +  noun/ adjective / preposition phrase

I       am       not    a Japanese teacher.

You     are       not   sad.

My father    is        not    at work.

3. Yes/No 問句Yes/No questions : 把Be放在主詞前面造問句

Be  +   S       +   noun/ adjective / preposition phrase

Am       I                      tall?

Are       you                   the only child?

Is      your mother        from  Tainan?


4. WH問句WH questions:將WH疑問詞放在最前面再放Be、主詞與其他部分

Who 與 What 這兩個疑問詞可以當主詞

WH             Be   +    S  +   ( noun/ adjective / preposition phrase)

Who            is          that ?

Who            is                        there?

What          is       your name?

What          is                        on the table?

Where        am           I ?

When          is          your birthday?

How old       are        your  parents?

Why           are         you     so happy?


I am from Taiwan. / I come from Taiwan. 這兩句都可以。

但是不要說 I am come from Taiwan. 這是個錯誤的句子。

L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.4


E. BE Questions

  1. ____ you busy?                                 Yes, I’m busy.
  2. How ____ your English class?           It’s very interesting.
  3. ____ Taipei an exciting city?           Yes, it’s an exciting city.
  4. Where ____ your parents?              They’re at home.
  5. ____  your last name Chen?             No, my last name is Lin.
  6. Who ____  Jess?                            She’s my English teacher.
  7. What ____  your classmates like?  They’re friendly and helpful.
  8. What ____ Taipei like?                   It’s lively and convenient.
  9. ____  you a hardworking student?   Yes, I’m a hardworking student.
  10. What ____  your hometown like?     It’s quiet and beautiful.
  11. What ____  your last name?            My last name is Chen.
  12. ____  you and your friends the same age?   Yes, we’re the same age.
  13. ____ your teacher friendly?           Yes, she’s friendly.
  14. Where ____  you from?                  I’m from Taipei.
  15. ____  your best friend from I-lan?      No, he’s from Kaohsiung.
  16. ____  you from Taichung?               Yes, I’m from Taichung.
  17. When ____  your birthday?             It’s on July 25th.
  18. ____  your favorite subject math? Yes, my favorite subject is math.
  19. ____  your mother from Tao-yuan? Yes, she’s from Tao-yuan.

20. Who ____  your best friend?           My best friend is Tom.



F. Write questions using the words in brackets ( ) and a form of be.

  1. (where/your parents from)?
  2. (you/in love)?
  3. (your mother/a housewife)?
  4. (who/your English teacher)?
  5. (your best friend/from Kaohsiung)?
  6. (your classmates/interesting)?
  7. (when/Tomb Sweeping Day)?  清明節
  8. (you/worries)?
  9. (how old/ your best friend)?
  10. (your birthday/in July)?
  11. (you/left-handed)?
  12. (what/your job)?




L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.5


G. Family Questions

1. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, I have one older sister and one younger brother.

No, I’m the only child.

2. Do you live with your family?

Yes, I live with my parents and my brother.

No, I live alone. My parents and my sister live in Taichung.

3. How often do you spend time with your family?

I have dinner with my family almost every night/ on the weekend.

4. What activities do you and your family do together?

We often have a big dinner on Saturday night. After that we played

Mahjong for a few hours. Sometimes we go to a KTV and sing together.

5. How often do you visit your relatives?

I don’t see my relatives very often. I only see them on big holidays.



H. Family Vocabulary

1. great-grandparents曾祖父母 2. grandparent 祖父母 3. grandfather祖父

4. grandmother 祖母 5. parents 雙親 6. father 父親 7. mother 母親 8. son 兒子    9. daughter 女兒 10. grandson 孫子 11. granddaughter 孫女 12. husband  丈夫      13. wife 妻子  14. father-in-law 岳父/公公  15. mother-in-law 岳母/婆婆

16. brother兄弟 17. sister姊妹18. brother-in-law 姐夫/妹婿 19. sister-in-law 小姑 20. niece 姪女/外甥女 21. nephew 姪子/外甥 22. uncle 伯叔舅姑丈姨丈

23. aunt 阿姨伯母姑姑 24. cousin 堂表兄弟姊25. relative 親戚  26. reunion 團聚

27. the oldest child 老大  28. the second oldest child 老二

29. the youngest child 老么 30. the only child 獨子/女 31. engaged 訂婚的

32. married 結婚的 33. divorced 離婚的  34. widowed 鰥寡的



I. Family Tree

Draw your family tree and describe the family tree to a partner.

A: Tell me about your family.

B: This is my family tree. My parents are divorced. I live with my mother and my

younger sister. My older brother lives with my father.

A: What does your mother do?

B: She’s a sales clerk. She works at Sogo department store.

A: What’s she like?

B: She’s tall and slim. She’s very beautiful and friendly. Just like me!

A: How about your younger sister?

B: She’s five years younger than me. We don’t look alike. She looks like my


L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.6


J. Family picture  Possible questions
Who is this?              He’s my younger brother.
What’s his/her name?         His name is Tony.
What’s he/she like?            He’s friendly and helpful.
How old is he/she?             He’s 35 years old.
Is he/she married?             Yes, he’s married with two children.
What’s his/her job?           He’s a computer engineer.
What are his/her hobbies?  He likes playing computer games and reading.

K. Family Questions

1. Are you from a big family?

Yes, I’m from a big family. I have 14 uncles and aunts.

2. Are you the oldest child? No, I’m the second oldest.

3. Are you the only child? Yes, I’m the only child.

4. Are you the youngest child? No, I’m the oldest child.

5. Do you get along with your family members? Yes, we all get along well.

Or  Not really. I don’t get along with my brother.

6. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yes, I have two older sisters.

7. Do you like to stay at home? Why/ Why not?

Yes, I do. It’s very comfortable.

8. Do you like your relatives? Why/Why not? No, I don’t. They are too nagging.

9. Do you live with your family?

No, I live in Taipei alone. My family live in Taichung.

10.  Do you spend a lot of time with your family? Not really. We are all very busy.

11.  How old are your parents?

They are in their sixties. / They are fifty something.

12.  How old is your mother?

She’s fifty-four years old. /She passed away last year.

13.  What does your brother do? He’s a PE teacher.

14.  What’s your father like?  He’s tall and handsome. / He’s smart and serous.

15.  What’s your mother like?  She’s a bit overweight. / She’s funny and friendly.

16.  When do you get together with your family?

I get together with my family on big holidays, like Chinese New Year,

Dragon Boat Festival, and Moon Festival.

17.  When do you have dinner with your family?

I have dinner with my family on the weekend / every day / on big holidays.

18.  When do you see your relatives?

I see them on big holidays, at weddings or funerals.

19.  Which family member do you like the best?

I like my sister the best because she always helps me with my homework.

20.  Who do you like the least in your family?

I like everyone but I’m a bit afraid of my father because he’s very serious.


L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.7

L. Reading Questions

  1. Where do the Banks family come from?
  2. What does Ian look like?
  3. How many children do Ian and June have?
  4. Where are Feng and his family from?
  5. What is Feng’s wife’s name?
  6. How old is Feng’s son?
  7. Where are the Patel family from?
  8. Are Patel’s daughters single?
  9. What color hair do the Patel family have?



M. Solo Families      English Firsthand 1 Unit 2 P.27

Read about Kent’s family. Fill in the spaces. Use these words. There is one extra.

name, journalist, music, wants, younger, programs, likes, elementary, talkative, university, sister, baseball


My _______ is Kent Adams. I’m 21 years old. I’m a __________ student. I’m pretty outgoing. There are four people in my family – my father and mother, my _________ sister and me. My father’s name is Greg. He’s 48 years old. He’s a _________. He’s kind of quiet. He likes watching sports ___________ on TV. My mother’s name is Beth. She’s 46. She’s an _________ school teacher. She’s very ________ and outgoing. She enjoys gardening. My ____________, Lori is seventeen. She is a high school student. She ___________ listening to ________ and writing fiction. She’s very creative. She ________ to be a writer someday.


Draw your family tree on a piece of paper. Write about your family.
















L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.8

N. Warm up questions:

1. How tall are you? Are you taller than the other people in your family?

I’m 1 meter 75. I’m taller than my father but shorter than my brother.

2. Are any of your friends over six feet tall? How tall would your ideal

partner be?

My best friend is six feet two. As long as the person is taller/shorter

than me, it’s fine with me.

3. Who do you look like in your family? How are you alike?

I look like my mother. We both have big beautiful eyes.

4. What’s your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend like?

My best friend is Tina. She’s tall and slim. She’s very generous.

5. Does anyone in the class look like someone famous?

I think Frank looks like President Obama.

O. Appearance


Length長度: long, medium length, shoulder length, short

Color: blond, light/dark brown, black, gray, white, red

Style: straight直, wavy大波浪, curly捲髮 She has long curly blond hair.

He has a crew cut. 小平頭 / She has a ponytail. 馬尾 / He’s bald. 禿頭


He’s young/middle aged/old/elderly. (adjectives 形容詞)

He’s a teenager/ a senior/ a senior citizen. (noun 名詞)

He’s in his early/mid/late thirties.


short, medium height, tall, 165 centimeters, 1 meter 75, 6 feet 5

He’s quite tall. / She’s 5 feet 3.


thin, slim穠纖合度, medium weight, heavy, overweight, well-built健壯的

She’s a bit overweight.  / I’m 55 kilograms.


attractive 有吸引力的, good-looking, stylish 有型的, elegant 優雅的,

well-dressed 會打扮的, charming 迷人的, homely/plain長相普通的

He’s very attractive.


1. generous 大方的 2. kind 仁慈的 3. funny 好笑的 4. selfish 自私的

5. outgoing  外向的 6. shy 害羞的 7. lazy  懶惰的 8. reliable 可靠的9.considerate 體貼的 10. humorous 幽默的 11. optimistic 樂觀的

12. pessimistic 悲觀的 13. patient 有耐心的 14. independent 獨立的

15. stubborn 固執的  16. clumsy 笨手笨腳的 17. honest  誠實的

18. mean 苛薄的 19. talkative 健談的 20. cheerful 開心的

L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.9


P. Appearance Questions

1. Can you describe your ideal partner? He’s tall and thin. He has short black hair. He’s handsome and friendly.

2. Does your father have a mustache?  No, he doesn’t have a mustache.

3. Does your mother wear contact lenses?  No, she wears glasses.

4. Does your teacher wear contact lenses?

Yes, she wears contact lenses.

5. How old are your parents? My father is 65, and my mother is 60.

6. How old is your brother/sister?  My sister is in her twenties.

7. How old is your grandfather?   My grandfather is seventy-something.

8. How tall are you?   I’m 1 meter 65.

9. How tall is your best friend?   He’s 180 centimeters.

10. How tall is your father?   He’s six feet 2.

11. How would you describe yourself?

I’m medium height and medium weight. I’m easygoing and helpful.

12. Is your father in his fifties?  No, he’s in his seventies.

13. Is your grandfather bald?  No, but my father is bald.

14. What color is your mother’s hair?   My mother has brown hair.

15. What does your best friend look like?

She’s tall and slim. She’s stylish.

16. What does your father look like?

He’s short and heavy. He wears glasses.

17. What does your mother look like?

She’s 1 meter 50. She has long curly black hair.

18. What kind of hair does your best friend have?

She has short brown hair.

19. Who has long straight black hair in this class?

Lisa has long straight black hair.

20. Who is in his/her thirties?  I guess Tom is in his thirties.












L1 World English Intro Day 1 Unit 1 Friends and Family  Jessie  P.10


Q. Greetings and farewells      

  1. Cheers!  乾杯
  2. Excuse me.
  3. Good morning.
  4. Good night.
  5. Have a good day!
  6. Have a good weekend.
  7. Hi, I’m Jessie Lin.
  8. How are you doing?
  9. How have you been?
  10. How was your day?
  11. How’s it going?
  12. I’m getting married.
  13. I’m sorry.
  14. Nice meeting you.
  15. Nice to meet you.
  16. See you tomorrow.
  17. Thank you very much.
  18. What’s up?
  19. You look great!
  20. Bless you.
  21. Cheers.
  22. Congratulations!  恭喜
  23. Good morning.
  24. Great!
  25. Hello! My name is David Wu.
  26. Nice meeting you, too.
  27. Nice to meet you, too.
  28. No problem. / Not at all.
  29. Not bad.
  30. Not so good.
  31. Nothing special.
  32. Pretty good. How about you?
  33. Take care.
  34. Sweet dreams.
  35. Thank you.
  36. Thanks a lot. You too.
  37. Thanks. Enjoy your weekend.
  38. Thanks. You too.
  39. That’s okay. / Never mind.
  40. Yes. Can I help you?












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