TD L6 Reading Review Parts 5, 6 Vocabulary

TD L6 Reading Review Parts 5, 6 Vocabulary      Jess Lin     P.1    HP.1, Q101-121: 1. reasonable, competitive, affordable, economical, be good value, be a bargain  2. comment, review, remark, criticism            3. positive, negative, optimistic, pessimistic  4. abroad, overseas, foreign, foreigner, expatriate, expat  5. strategy, tactics, approach, way, method, technique, system  6. She stared blankly at the wall.  7. remainder, the rest  8. appoint, select, pick, choose, nominate, assign somebody a task/role

HP.2, Q122-140: 1. throw/shed/cast light on something, These discoveries may throw new light on the origins of the universe., in light  of  2. constraints, limits, limitations, restrictions  3. decorative, decoration, ornament, adornment  4. Your promotion to Senior Editor is now official., Russia’s acceptance of economic aid from Western countries will speed up recovery.  5. indicate, show, point out, indicator  6. significantly, greatly, tremendously, enormously  7. confidential, classified, secret, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.  8. password, PIN number: personal identification number  9. back inventory, stock, in stock, out of stock, take inventory

TD L6 Reading Review Parts 5, 6 Vocabulary      Jess Lin     P.2

P.212-215: 1. for, against  2. exchange rate, interest rate  3. transaction, deal, business   3. outlook, attitude, world view, mentality, the way of thinking, the outlook, prospect  4. carry out/conduct a survey, questionnaire, feedback  5. dependable, trustworthy, reliable, trusty  6. valid, invalid, void, voided  7. previous, preceding  8. halt, stop, cease, pause  9. conference call, video conference

P.218-221: 1. insufficient, short, not enough, inadequate  2. balance, credit, debit  3. drinking/water fountain, water cooler  4. relocate, be located/situated in, locate


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