TD L12 Practice Test Reading Parts 5-7 Vocabulary

TD L12 Practice Test Reading Parts 5-7 Vocabulary   Jess Lin        P.1

HP.1-2: 1. register, sign up, enroll  2. conference, convention, meeting, gathering, forum, summit, seminar, workshop  3. resign, quit, leave, hand in your notice/resignation,  retire, be eliminated, be terminated, be fired,  be sacked, suspend, lay off, give someone their notice, lose your job, relieve someone of their duties/post  4. position, post, vacancy, job opening  5. CEO: chief executive officer, CFO: chief financial officer  6. CPA: Certified Public Accountant          7. steps, stairs, stairway, staircase, ladder  8. electric vehicle, hybrid car, sedan, SUV sport utility vehicle, SRV small recreation vehicle  9. a wide range/variety/selection of + N  10. redeemable, refund, return, replace, repay, reimburse, issue credits

HP.3-4: 1. confirm, reconfirm  2. enterprise, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial  3. confidential, classified, secret, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.  4. enclosed, attached, enclosure, attachment  5. code-of-ethics, code of conduct, dress code, casual Friday    6. be eligible for + N, be eligible to + V, be entitled to + V/N  7. gift voucher, gift certificate/card, prepaid card, debit card,  luncheon voucher, coupon    8. due date, overdue, expire, expiration date, deadline, valid, invalid, void

HP. 5-8: 1. at stake, at risk  2. downsizing, layoff, restructuring  3. odds, chances, probability, prospect, likelihood  4. internal, external  5. reap significant payoffs, You reap what you sow.   6. productivity, profitability, produce, product, productive   7. agenda, schedule, itinerary, minutes

TD L12 Practice Test Reading Parts 5-7 Vocabulary   Jess Lin        P.2

8. consult, counsel, advise, consultant, counselor, advisor  9. meet the requirements, requirement, requisition, requisite, prerequisite, necessity, must, qualification  10. modify, adapt, alter, revise, vary, amend

P. 259-260: 1. durable, durability, durable goods, consumer durables                 2. restoration, renovation, reconstruction, restore, renovate, reconstruct, fix up  3. make/give  a presentation  4. thus, hence, therefore, consequently, as a result, as a consequence  5. moreover, furthermore, besides, in addition to, also, and, too  6. nevertheless, nonetheless, however, on the other hand, in contrast, instead, although, even though, though, while, despite, in spite of   7. human resources, personnel, staff, employee  8. file a complaint/lawsuit/petition, complain, file income tax, tax return  9. on strike, hunger strike  10. rival, competitor, opponent, competition, competitive  11. carbon offset  12. charity, charity organization, charitable group, donate, donation, volunteer, contribute.. to  13. vogue, fashion, trend, fashionable, chic, hot, hip, in, trendy, stylish

P.264-265: 1. as of + date, beginning in  2. district, area, commercial/business district, residential district, historic district, school district  3. initiative, take the initiative  4. candidate, applicant, job seeker, nominee



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