8.1.2 Interchange 1 E4A 會話課講義

E4A L3 Unit 3 How much is it?


E4A L3 Unit 3 How much is it?                     Jess Lin            P.1








A. Warm-up Questions

1. Do you like shopping for clothes? Why?/Why not?

Yes, I love shopping for clothes. It’s a lot of fun. I like trying on new

clothes. It’s a good way to kill time.

2. Where do you usually buy clothes?

I often go to the department stores, but sometimes I buy clothes from

street vendors. 路邊攤

3. Do you shop online? Why?/Why not? What do you buy?

Yes, I like to shop online. It’s really cheap and convenient. I buy clothes,

books, and electronic products. 電子產品

4. When do you do grocery shopping? 採買生活用品食品雜貨

I do grocery shopping on weekend. I go to Wellcome supermarket on

Sunday afternoon.

I never do grocery shopping. My mother does that for my family.

5. How much do you spend every week?

I spend about 2,000 dollars every week. I spend most money on food, drink,

and transportation.


B. Colors

1.black 黑色   2. white 白色   3. red 紅色   4. blue 藍色     5. green 綠色

6.brown咖啡色  7. yellow黃色  8. gray灰色  9. orange橘色   10. purple 紫色

11.pink 粉紅色  12. gold 金色  13. silver銀色 14. khaki卡其色 15. beige 米色

16.  dark gray 深灰色 17. light gray淺灰色


1. What’s your favorite color?

I like blue.

2. What does your favorite color make you think of?

It makes me think of the blue sky.

3. What’s your least favorite color?

It’s black.

4. What does your least favorite color make you think of?

It makes me think of death

E4A L3 Unit 3 How much is it?                     Jess Lin            P.2

C. Clothing

1. a hat 帽子 2. a cap 棒球帽 3. earrings 耳環 4. a necklace 項鍊
5. a tie 領帶 6. a scarf  絲巾 7. a ring戒指 8. a bracelet手環
9. a shirt襯衫 10. a T-shirt T-恤 11. a blouse女上衣 12. a sweater毛衣
13.a jacket外套 14. a coat 大衣 15. a raincoat雨衣 16. a suit西裝
17. pants長褲 18. jeans牛仔褲 19. shorts短褲 20. a skirt裙子
21. shoes鞋子 22.sneakers運動鞋 23. boots靴子 24. high heels高跟鞋
25. a belt 皮帶 26. gloves手套 27. socks襪子 28. a swimsuit泳裝
29.a dress洋裝 30. pajamas睡衣

Who is Linda?

She’s the woman wearing a light blue blouse, dark blue jeans, brown sneakers, a silver bracelet, a gold necklace, and black glasses.


D. Giving compliments 讚美

A: I love your shoes. How much are they?

B: They are $999.

A: That’s reasonable.

A: I like your necklace. How much is it?

B: It’s $20,000.

A: Wow. That’s expensive.


E. Find someone

Find someone who… Name
1. is wearing his or her favorite color.
2. wears black all the time.
3. usually wears jewelry (rings, bracelets, etc.). 首飾珠寶
4. loves to shop online.
5. usually pays with a credit card.
6. likes to wear designer clothes. 名牌服飾
7. always wear jearns.
8. hates to wear high heels.
9. has a brand bag. 名牌包
10. has more than three watches.



E4A Interchange 1 L3 Unit 3 How much is it?    Jess Lin         P.3


E.Materials 材質

1. plastic 塑膠  2. gold 金 3. silk  絲  4. wool  羊毛  5. leather  皮革

6. cotton 棉 7. silver 銀  8. rubber  橡膠  9. polyester  聚酯纖維


F.Comparisons with adjectives 形容詞比較級

在比較兩個人,事,物,地等時 (N1與N2) 可以用形容詞的比較級來作比較。此時形容詞比需用比較級,常見句型如下。特別注意,後面有比較的對象N2時,必須有than,假如比較對象省略,就不須than。


N1 be adj-er/more adj than N2

Tainan          is        cheaper          than   Taipei.

Taipei          is    more expensive        than   Tainan.

The weather     is       hotter         today.




cheap-cheaper, warm-warmer, clean,-cleaner, tall-taller


nice-nicer, safe-safer, close-closer, late-later


big-bigger, hot-hotter, sad-sadder, slim-slimmer


pretty-prettier, friendly-friendlier, funny-funnier, happy-happier


expensive-more expensive, stylish-more stylish, handsome-more handsome


good-better, bad-worse, far-farther/further, little-less




N1 be as  adj   as N2

My father   is     as   tall   as    my mother.

Your shoes   are    as  good  as    mine.

E4A Interchange 1 L3 Unit 3 How much is it?  Jess Lin            P.4

H.20 Questions

  1. Do you prefer sunny days or rainy days? Why?

I prefer sunny days because I feel sad on rainy days.

  1. Which one do you prefer, summer or winter? Why?

I prefer summer because I can go to the beach and have a lot of fun.

  1. Which city do you like better, Taipei or Kaohsiung? Why?

I like Taipei better because I grew up here.

  1. Are you taller than your father?   No, I’m shorter than my father.
  2. Is your mother heavier than you?   Yes, she’s heavier than me.
  3. Is Taipei more expensive than Tokyo?  No, Tokyo is more expensive.
  4. Are your shoes more stylish than mine? No, your shoes are more stylish.
  5. Is A-mei more attractive than Lin Chih-ling?

No, Lin Chih-ling is more attractive.

  1. Is the dog faster than the cat? Yes, the dog is faster than the cat.

10.  Are men smarter than women?  Men are as smart as women.

  1. Is Taipei more convenient than Tainan?

Yes, Taipei is much more convenient.

12.  Are sneakers more comfortable than boots?

Yes, sneakers are more comfortable.

13.  Is English easier than Japanese? Yes, it’s much easier than Japanese.

14.  How much is your wallet? It’s NT$2,000.

15.  How much are your shoes? They’re $299.

16.  How much is your cell phone? It’s $20,000.

17.  How much are your glasses? They’re $5,000.

18.  Is pink a good color for you?

No, it’s not. I never wear pink. /Yes, I look good on pink.

19.  Who is more handsome, Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks?

Tom Cruise is more handsome.

20.  Do you prefer 7-11 or Family Mart? Why?

I prefer 7-11 because it has a wide variety of goods.








E4A Interchange 1 L3 Unit 3 How much is it?  Jess Lin            P.5

I. Shopping

1. try on 試穿 2. fitting room 更衣室 3. medium 中號 4. change 零錢 5. receipt 收據 6. battery  電池 7. altogether 一起


Clerk店員: A    Customer顧客: B

A: Can I help you?

B: I’m just looking, thanks… Excuse me. Do you have this T-shirt in a

smaller size?

A: What size is that one?

B: Large.

A: I’ll have a look. …Yes, here’s a medium.

B: OK. Can I try in on, please?

A: Yes, sure. The fitting room’s over there.

B: Thanks you. …

A: Does it fit?

B: Yes, it’s fine, I think. How much is it?

A: It’s $24.99.

B: OK. I’ll take it.

A: Thank you. Here’s your change and your receipt.

B: Thanks very much. Bye.

A: Bye.



Cashier: A     Customer: B

A: Who’s next, please?

B: Hi. Could I have this map, please?

A: Sure. That’s 1.50.

B: And do you sell batteries?

A: Yes, we do. What size do you want?

B: Double A, I think.

A: Here you are. That’s 5.54 altogether.

B: OK.

A: How would you like to pay?

B: Credit card, if that’s OK.

A: That’s fine. Check the amount and sign here, please. … Thank you.

B: Thanks a lot. Goodbye.

A: Have a good day.

E4A Interchange 1 L3 Unit 3 How much is it?  Jess Lin            P.6

J. Useful Expressions

  1. How are you doing?  你好嗎?

A: How are you doing?

B: Not very good. I got a cold.

  1. I have had enough!  我受夠了!

A: I have had enough!

B: Why? What did he do?

  1. Let’s call it a day.  今天到此為止吧!

A: Let’s call it a day! I’m so tired.

B: All right.

  1. Not again!  不會吧!

A: Everyone’s late.

B: Not again!

  1. Knock it off!  住手/不要吵!

A: Knock it off. I’m trying to study.

B: Sorry, I didn’t know you’re studying.

  1. Good night.  晚安!(道別時)

A: Good night, everybody.

B: Good night. Have a sweet dream.

  1. Of course.  當然

A: Could I borrow your car?

B: Of course.

  1. Be careful on the road.  路上小心!

A: Be careful of the road. It’s getting dark.

B: OK.

  1. You decide.  你決定吧!

A: Do you want the black tie or the red one?

B: You decide.

10.  Never mind.  沒關係。

A: I’m sorry that I broke your cell phone.

B: Never mind.





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