8.1.1 Interchange Intro E2A 會話課講義

E2A L7 Unit 8 What do you do?


E2A L7 Unit 8 What do you do?                        Jess   P.1


A. Warm-up Questions

  1. What do you do in your free time?

I surf the Net, play basketball, and listen to music.

  1. Where do you go shopping?

I go to Global Mall.

  1. When do you have dinner with your family?

I have dinner with my family on weekend.

  1. Why do you study English here?

Because I want to find a better job.

  1. Who do you have lunch with?

I have lunch with my coworkers.

  1. How long do you watch TV every day?

I watch TV for two or three hours every day.


B. Jobs

1. cahier 收銀員 2. cook/chef廚師 3. doctor醫師 4. flight attendant空服員 5. judge 法官 6. lawyer 律師 7. musician音樂家 8. nurse護士 9. pilot 機師 10. police officer 警察 11. receptionist 接待員 12. salesperson 銷售員

13. security guard 警衛 14. singer 歌手 15. waiter 男服務生

16. waitress 女服務生 17. engineer 工程師 18. civil servant 公務員

19. assistant 助理 20. secretary 秘書


C. (3) Conversation He works in a hotel.

1. front desk agent 櫃台服務人員  2. manger 經理 3. actually 實際上

1. Where does Rachel’s brother work? What does he do?

2. Where does Angela’s brother work? What does he do?

3. Does Rachel’s brother like his job? Why?

E2A L7 Unit 8 What do you do?                        Jess   P.2

D. Your job

1. Where do you work? I work in a restaurant.

2. What do you do?  I’m a waitress.

3. How do you like it?  I don’t like it very much. It’s very tiring.

4. What hours do you work?  I work from 4 to 11 p.m.

5. How long is your lunch break?  It’s one and a half hours, from 12 to 1.30.

6. How do you like your coworkers? They’re friendly and helpful. We usually have dinner together. Sometimes we sing at a KTV after work.

E. Job Survey

1. exciting 刺激的  2. boring 無趣的 3. easy 容易的 4. difficult 困難的

5. safe安全的 6. dangerous危險的 7. relaxing輕鬆的 8. stressful 有壓力的

A: What’s your opinion about a cashier’s job?

B: I think a cashier’s job is easy and boring. What do you think?

A: Hmm, I agree.

F. Job questions

  1. Do you have an interesting job? Yes, I have an interesting job. I like it.
  2. Does a cashier have an exciting job? No, a cashier has a boring job.
  3. Does a chef have a dangerous job? Yes, it can be very dangerous.
  4. Does a musician have a relaxing job?  Yes, they just play music.
  5. Does a security guard have a safe job? Yes, they just stand all day.
  6. Does your sister have a difficult job? No, she’s a housewife.
  7. How do you feel on Friday night? I feel happy.
  8. How do you feel on Monday morning?  I feel sad.
  9. How do you feel on Sunday night?  I feel tired.
  10. Do you have to wear a uniform at work?  Yes, I’m a bank teller.
  11. Is a flight attendant’s job boring?  No, it’s very exciting.
  12. Is a lawyer’s job easy?  No, it’s very difficult.
  13. Is your job stressful?  Yes, it is. I’m not very happy.
  14. What do you usually do after work? I just go home and watch TV.
  15. What does your best friend do? She’s a civil servant.
  16. What does your mother do?  She’s a kindergarten teacher.
  17. What time do you start work?  I start work at 9.30.
  18. What’s your ideal job?  I want to be a singer.
  19. Where does your father work?  He works in a computer company.

20. Where does your brother work?  He works at IBM.




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