8.1.1 Interchange Intro E2A 會話課講義

E2A L5 Unit 5 What are you doing?


E2A L5 Unit 5 What are you doing?                      Jess   P.1


課程主題時間,日常活動 句型重點現在進行式,時間介系詞

A. Warm-up Questions

  1. What time do you get up?       I get up at 7.00.
  2. What time do you start work?    I start work at 8.30.
  3. When is your lunch break?       My lunch break is from 12.10 to 1.30.
  4. What time do you finish work?    I finish work around 6.00.
  5. What time do you go to bed?     I go to bed at 12.00.

B. Time


         — 1:00  one o’clock           +
1.55  one fifty-fivefive to two 1.05  one-oh-fivefive after one
1.50  one fiftyten to two 1.10  one tenten after one
1.45  one forty-fivea quarter to two 1.15  one fifteena quarter after one
1.40  one fortytwenty to two 1.20  one twentytwenty after one
1.35  one thirty-fivetwenty to two 1.25  one twenty-fivetwenty-five after one
1.30  one thirtyhalf past one

一個小時六十分,半個小時half hour是三十分。一刻鐘a quarter是十五分

What time is it? / Can you tell me the time, please?

Excuse me. Do you have the time?

It’s 7.00 A.M.  = It’s seven (o’clock) in the morning.

It’s 12.00 P.M.  = It’s twelve (o’clock). =It’s noon.

It’s 3.00 P.M.   = It’s three (o’clock) in the afternoon.

It’s 7.00 P.M.   = It’s seven (o’clock) in the evening.

It’s 10.00 P.M.  = It’s ten (o’clock) at night.

It’s 12.00 A.M.  = It’s twelve (o’clock) at night. It’s midnight.

有P.M.或A.M.時,整點就不要說o’clock. 如It’s 3.00 P.M. 唸做It’s three P.M.

E2A Interchange Intro L5 Unit 5 What are you doing?   Jess      P.2

C. Rising and falling Intonation 上揚與下降的語調

Yes/No question 語調上揚  Is she getting up?  Are you sleeping?

WH questions 語調往下    What’s she doing?  Why are you studying English?


D. 現在進行式Present Continuous


1. 現在進行式可以用來描述正在進行的事情。

‘Where are the children?’  ‘They are playing in the garden.’

  1. 現在進行式也用來描述短時間內持續進行的事情。這些事情卻不一定在說話


You’re spending a lot of money these days.

  1. 現在進行式也可以用來表達未來的計畫。一般句子都會加上未來時間。

I’m having a party this Saturday.

二、句型為主詞+現在式Be動詞+動詞-ing ( S + be1 + V1-ing)

肯定句       S  +   Be1   +   V1-ing

I        am             cooking.

My mother      is              working.

Tom and Mary    are             dancing.

否定句       S  +   Be1   +   not  +   V1-ing

I        am       not      cooking.

She       is        not      working.

They      are      not      dancing.

Yes/No 疑問句把助動詞be放到主詞的前面

Be1 +    S   +   V1-ing ?

Am       I        dream?

Are      you       sleeping?

Is        he       studying?

WH 疑問句 把WH疑問詞放最前面,再加上助動詞be 再加主詞,動詞ing

Wh   +  Be1   +  S    +   V1-ing?

Where     am       I        going?

What      are      you       doing?

Why       is        he       studying English?

三、現在進行式的副詞如:now, immediately, right away, right now, these days, this year, this week…等等。

E2A Interchange Intro L5 Unit 5 What are you doing?   Jess      P.3

D. 現在進行式Present Continuous



  1. 大多數的動詞在過去式時只要在字尾加ing。

work-working, help-helping, call-calling, wash-washing

  1. 動詞字尾為e時,必須去掉e加ing。

live-living, hope-hoping, dance-dancing, smile-smiling

  1. 動詞字尾為ie時,必須去掉ie加ying。

lie-lying, die-dying, tie-tying

  1. 一個音節的動詞最後三個字母為子音加母音加子音時,需重複字尾再加ing。

shop-shopping, sit-sitting, run-running, swim-swimming

然而當字尾為w, x, y時,只要加ing即可。

sew-sewing, fix-fixing, say-saying

  1. 兩個音節以上且重音在最後一個音節的動詞,字尾發音為短母音加子音時,也需重複字尾加ing。

begin-beginning, control-controlling, prefer-preferring, omit-omitting

英文字母的母音(vowels)為a, e, i, o, u,其餘為子音(consonants)。


1. carry _________   2. tap  ___________   3. ride __________

4. win  _________   5. forget __________   6. lie ­­­­­­­ __________

7. try  _________   8. fly    __________   9. write _________

10. see __________

E. Practice

1. What are you doing?  I’m talking to you. / I’m studying English.

2. What is your teacher doing?  She’s walking around.

3. What are you wearing?  I’m wearing a red dress and purple high heels.

4. Are you wearing jeans today?   Yes, I’m wearing jeans.

5. Is it raining today?  No, it’s not. It’s sunny.

6. Are you spending a lot of money these days?  Yes, I am.

7. Who’s wearing glasses in this class?   Tim and May are wearing glasses.

8. Who’s wearing a skirt today?   No one is wearing a skirt today.

9. What are you doing after class?  I’m going to the night market.

10. How are you getting home?  I’m taking a bus.

F. Interchange 5 What’s wrong with this picture?

Possible answers

  1. Ellen is swimming, but she’s wearing high heels and a hat.
  2. Mark and Randy are riding their bikes, but they’re in a lake.
  3. It’s a hot day, but Mrs. Smith is wearing a coat, a hat, a scarf, and boots. She’s carrying an umbrella.
  4. A tiger is driving a car, and it’s wearing sunglasses.
  5. Mr. Frank is reading a newspaper, but he’s sitting on a car.
  6. Mr. Garcia, Mrs. Garcia, Gina Garcia, and Alex Garcia are eating pizza, but they’re wearing pajamas.
  7. A dog is eating pizza, and it’s using chopsticks.
  8. Bob and Lynn are playing tennis, but they’re using umbrellas. They’re wearing suits.
  9. Tracy is cooking on a television.

10.Peter is sleeping in the rain. / It’s sunny in the park, but it’s raining on Peter.

  1. Anna is running, but she’s wearing high heels. She’s carrying a briefcase.

E2A Interchange Intro L5 Unit 5 What are you doing?   Jess      P.5

Phonics L3 Blends Review                           Jessie   P.4

ch / tʃ / ranch chest chin punch
tch / tʃ / batch fetch ditch notch
sh / ʃ / mash shed shin gush
th / θ / thatch theft sixth moth
th / ð / than then there together
wh / hw / wham where whiff why
si, su / ʒ / vision occasion casual measure
ph / f / photo phantom phrase photograph
gh / f / tough laugh rough enough
ng / ŋ / bang wing song hung
nk / ŋk / rank pink tank link

E2A Interchange Intro L5 Unit 5 What are you doing?   Jess      P.6

Phonics  L3 Long Vowels                              Jessie   P.5


a_e  /e/ cake game late same
ai  /e/ rain mail wait train
ay  /e/ day pay way play
e_e  /i/ eve Steve Pete
ee  /i/ bee feel sleep beef
ea /i/ sea read meat team
ey /i/ key money monkey honey
i_e  /aɪ/ bike life site drive
ie  /aɪ/ pie tie die lie
y  /aɪ/ my by cry try
igh   /aɪ/ night high light flight
o_e  /o/ coke hope nose smoke
oe  /o/ Joe toe foe woe
oa  /o/ coat road toast goal
ow  /o/ show low tow slow
u_e /ju/ cute use mute puke
u_e /u/ June rude flute rule
ue /ju/ cue fuel hue value
ue /u/ blue Sue true clue
ew /ju/ few new dew hew
ew /u/ flew stew threw blew




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