WA L9 Unit 8 Definition Paragraphs


WA L9 Unit 8 Definition Paragraphs                                Jess P.1

Write a definition paragraph. Follow these guidelines:

1.     Choose a topic.

2.    Brainstorm some information about the topic. What do you want to include? What do your readers know about the topic? What do they want to know?

3.    Write a topic sentence with controlling ideas.

4.    Write a few supporting sentences that relate to the topic.

5.    End with a concluding sentence that restates the topic or makes a prediction about it.

6.    If you use words from another source, put quotation marks around them.

7.    Use adjective clauses and other variations in your sentences.

Possible topics:

1.     Moon Festival or a special day or period of several days in Taiwan.

2.    Happiness or an emotion such as love or jealousy or a quality such as honesty or patience.




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