8.1.2 Interchange 1 E4A 會話課講義

E4A L7 Unit 7 We had a great time


E4A Interchange 1 L7 Unit 7 We had a great time!    Jess Lin     P.1


A. Warm up questions

  1. How’s it going?

Fantastic! / Good. / Nothing special. / Terrible!

  1. What’s your typical day like?

Well, I get up at 7, and I eat breakfast at home. I leave for work at 7.30. I take the MRT to work. I start work at 8.30 and I finish at 5.30. I have an hour lunch break. I usually have lunch with my coworkers in the cafeteria. After work I go to the gym to work out for an hour. I always eat out. I am usually tired when I get home, so I just watch TV and surf the Internet before I go to bed.

  1. What’s your typical weekend like?

I like to sleep in on weekends. Sometimes I get up around noon; then I have brunch with my friends in a restaurant. After that, we go for a walk if the weather is nice. I often have a big dinner with my family cause we don’t spend much time together during the week.

B. Yesterday

some irregular verbs: do-did, have-had, go-went, get-got, eat-ate, drink-drank, buy-bought, ride-rode, drive-drove, sing-sang, spend-spent, forget-forgot, take-took, make-made,

1. What time did you get up yesterday?     I got up at 7.30.

2. What did you eat for breakfast?         I ate a sandwich.

3. How did you go to work?               I rode a motorcycle.

4. What time did you start work?         I started work at 9.00.

5. Where did you have lunch?             I had lunch in a noodle shop.

6. What did you drink?              I drank some coffee, tea, and water.

7. How much money did you spend?        I spent NT$1,000.

8. What time did you finish work?          I finished work at 6 P.M.

9. What did you do after work?

I went home, took a shower, watched TV, and then I surfed the Net.

10. What time did you go to bed?           I went to bed at 1 A.M.

11. Did you have a good day yesterday?     Yes, I had a great day.


E4A   L7 Unit 7 We had a great time! Jess Lin     P.2


C. Survey

Name Time
When did you last go shopping

When did you last surf the internet?

When did you last have a lot of fun?

When did you last do laundry?

When did you last buy something at 7-11?

When did you last ride a bike?

When did you last take a trip?

When did you last make a phone call?

When did you last take a day off?

When did you last drink coffee

When did you last eat in a restaurant?

When did you last go to a wedding?

possible time expression: yesterday afternoon, last night, this morning, last weekend, last year, last October, this June, two hours ago, five years ago, in 2004, when I was 20, …etc.


D.  Conversation How was your vacation?

Don and Celia are talking about Don’s vacation. Listen and answer the questions.

  1. How was Don’s vacation?
  2. Where did he go?
  3. Who did he go with?
  4. How long was he there for?
  5. How was the weather?
  6. What did he do every day?
  7. How were the waves?

E4A Interchange 1 L7 Unit 7 We had a great time! Jess Lin     P.3


E. Simple Past Questions

  1. How was your day?  It was O.K. I was very busy.
  2. Where were you last night?   I was at home.
  3. How was your last vacation?  It was great.
  4. Were you away last week?   Yes, I went to Tainan to visit my friend.
  5. Where were you born?    I was born in Taichung.
  6. Were your classmates noisy earlier?  No, they were quiet.
  7. Where were you last New Year’s Eve?

I was at the party in front of Taipei City Hall.

  1. Did you catch a cold last week? No, I didn’t, but my brother had a cold.
  2. Were you late for work/class today?   Yes, I was late for work today.

10.  Were you busy yesterday? Yes, I was very busy and tired.

  1. Where did you meet your best friend? I met my best friend in a party.

12.  Did you go to bed late last night?  Yes, I went to bed at 3 A.M.

13.  When did you start your first job?

I started to work as a waiter when I was 16.

14.  Did you do anything special last week? Yes, I went to a friend’s wedding.

15.  Did you enjoy being a teenager? It was OK.

16.  What’s your best memory from your teenager years?

I guess the graduation trip was the best.

17.  What’s your worst memory from your teenager years?

I was bullied for no particular reason.

18.  How did you spend your free time? I spent a lot of time in my best friend’s house. We listened to music and talked.

19.  What was your favorite subject? I was Math.

20. Were you a good student? Yes, I was. I won a lot of awards.







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