8.1.2 Interchange 1 E4A 會話課講義

E4A L12 Unit 16 A change for the better!

E4A L12 Unit 16 A change for the better!            Jess       P.1


A. Warm-up Questions

1.     Why do you want to study English?

I want to find a better job. / I want to study abroad.

2.    How do you improve your English outside of class?

I download podcasts from BBC Learning English, chat with my friends in English on MSN and practice whenever I have a chance.

3. Would you like to learn another language? Why?

I would like to French because it sounds beautiful.

B. p.106 (2) conversation Catching up

Diane: Hi, Kerry. I _______ _______(not see) you in ages.

How _____ you _____(be)?

Kerry: Pretty good, thanks.

Diane: _______ (be) you still in school?

Kerry: No, not anymore. I ___________(graduate) last year. And I

______(get) a job at Midstate bank.

Diane: That’s great news. You know, You _______ (look) different.

________ you _______(change) your hair?

Kerry: Yeah, it’s shorter. And I ________ (wear) contacts now. Oh, and I

_______ _______ (lose) weight.

Diane: Well, you __________ (look) fantastic!

Kerry: Thanks, so do you. And there’s one more thing. Look! I ________

(get) engaged.

Diane: Congratulations!

C. Changes in life

1. dye/perm my hair 染髮,燙髮 2. gain/lose weight 增加/減輕體重

3. get a bank loan/credit card 辦銀行貸款/信用卡

4. grow a beard/long hair 留鬍子/留長髮  5. win the lottery 中彩卷

6. improve my English vocabulary 加強英文字彙

7. start a new hobby 開始新的嗜好 8. wear contact lenses 戴隱形眼鏡






E4A L12 Unit 16 A change for the better!    Jess          P.2

D. Questions

1.     What are you going to do after class? I’m going to meet my friend for a drink.

2.    How are you going to get home? I’m going to get home by taxi.

3.    What are you going to do after you get home?

I’m going to take a shower and chat with my friends online.

4.    What are you going to do this weekend? I’m going to have a big dinner.

5.    What are you going to do next year?  I’m going to study abroad.

6.    When are you going to take a vacation? I’m going to take a vacation in July.

7.    Do you want to get a new job in a few years? Yes, I want to be a doctor.

8.    What kind of future do you hope to have? I hope to get married before I am 30. I want to move to the country, have three kids and retire before I am 50. Then I hope to travel around the world with my husband after I retire.

9.    What other languages would you like to learn?

I would like to learn French and Italian.

10.  What countries would you like to visit? Why? I would like to visit Italy because I heard it’s very beautiful.

11.   Do you plan to study here after this class? Yes, I plan to take a grammar class and a TOEIC class. / No, I plan to take a break.

12.  What is something you hope to buy in the next year? I hope to buy a new car.

13.  What would you like to change about your appearance? I would like to have bigger eyes. / No, I’m happy with my appearance.

14.  What is a place you want to visit someday? I want to visit Green Island.

15.  What is a city you would like to live in someday? I would like to live in New York.

16.  What kind of job would you like to have? I would like to be a housewife!

17.  What famous person would you like to meet? I would like to meet the Pope.

18.  What are two things you plan to do next year? I plan to buy a new car and get married.

19.  What are two things you aren’t going to do next year? I’m not going to change my job. I’m not going to move to another city.

20. What career goals do you hope to achieve? I hope to have my own company one day.

E4A L12 Unit 16 A change for the better!        Jess        P.3


E. 未來式 The Future  with be going to

英文可以用be going to 來表示未來的計畫

肯定句 S + be  going to  + V1  + (future time)肯定句

I    am   going to    cook dinner   tonight.

You   are   going to    visit your parents next week.

He    is    going to    take a vacation next month.

Yes/No問句be  + S +  going to  + V1  + (future time)

Are    you     going to   play tennis tonight?

Is      she     going to   have a party this weekend?

WH問句 WH word + be  + S +  going to  + V1  + (future time)

What      are    you   going to    do   tonight?

How       is      he   going to    get    home


  1. 我們可以用be going towill來表示預測或猜想

Ex: It is going to rain tomorrow.

It will rain tomorrow.

2.    也可用be going to will來談論未來將做的事

a. 用be going to來表示先前做的決定

Ex: What’s your plan for the weekend?

I’m going to see a movie this weekend.

b. 用will來表示當下立刻做的決定

Ex: What’s your plan for the weekend?

I don’t know. Maybe I will see a movie.

  1. 用will來表示我們認為或知道未來會發生的事

Ex: Don’t touch the dog. It will bite you.

  1. 用be going to來表示目前的事實所導致的未來假設

Ex: Look at those dark clouds! It’s going to rain.

  1. 我們用現在簡單示來說明未來的計劃,如時間表,節目表。

Ex: The movie starts at 10 am.  The bus leaves at 3.30 pm.

  1. 我們用現在進行式來說明事先安排或計劃好的事。通常後面會有未來時間來說明指的是未來而非現在

Ex: I’m having a party this weekend.

E4A L12 Unit 16 A change for the better!     Jess          P.4




S + V + to + V1 = S + V + V-ing

如:start, begin, love, like, hate, try, continue,

EX: I like to watch TV. = I like watching TV.


S + V + V-ing

如:enjoy, finish, quit, miss, feel like, avoid, consider, practice, mind, can’t help

EX: I enjoy watching TV.


S + V + to + V1

如:ask, decide, want, need, hope, intend, learn, refuse, plan, wish, promise

EX: I want to watch TV.


S + V + to + V1  =/=  S + V + V-ing

如:remember, forget, stop

EX: I stopped to watch TV.  這一句是說我停下原本做的事去看電視。

I stopped watching TV.  這一句則是說我停下看電視這個動作。



S + V + O + V-ing,  S + V + O + V1,  S + V + O + V3 + by O

如:see, watch, listen, hear, feel, notice

EX: I saw him watching TV.

I saw him watch TV.

I saw him scolded by his mother.




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