8.1.4 American Headway 1 E4B 會話課講義

E4B American Headway 1 L2 Unit 2 Meeting people

 E4B American Headway 1 L2 Unit 2 Meeting people       Jess Lin        P.1


A. Warm
up questions

1. How are you doing?   Pretty good. / Not bad.
/ Not so good. / Could be better.

2. What’s your first name?  My first name is

3. What’s your last name?  My last name is Lin.

4. Where are you from ? I’m from Tainan. / I was born in
Ilan but I grew up in Taipei.

5. What’s your
job?        I am an English teacher.

6. What’s your phone number? My phone number is

7. How old are you?
I’m 25 years old. / I’m thirty something.

8. Are you married?  I’m married. / I’m single. /
I’m widowed. / I’m divorced.

9. What are your hobbies? My hobby is singing. /My
hobbies are cooking and cycling.


B. 現在簡單式be的句型

      Be的句型主詞+現在式Be  +名詞/形容詞/介係詞片語

am/is/are noun/ adjective /preposition phrase

Affirmative 肯定句     S Be-verb noun/ adjective /preposition phrase

an English teacher.

You     are       happy.

My father   is        at



Negative 否定句    S Be-verb not +  noun/ adjective /preposition phrase

am      not
a Japanese teacher.

are       not

My father    is       not    at work.

Yes/No questions Yes/No 問句 Be動詞放在主詞前面造問句

         Be-verb   S            noun/
adjective /preposition phrase          


          Are      you
the only child?

Is     your
from  Tainan?


WH questions WH問句將WH疑問詞放在最前面再依序放Be動詞、主詞與其他部分

WH       Be-verb   S            noun/
adjective /preposition phrase

Who       am        I ?

Where     are        you from?

How       is         your mother?

E4B American Headway 1 L2
Unit 2 Meeting people       Jess Lin        P.2

C. Family picture  Possible

Who is this?
He’s my younger brother.

What’s his/her name?   His name is Tony.

What’s he/she
like?         He’s friendly and

How old is he/she?      He’s 35
years old.

Is he/she married?      Yes,
he’s married with two children.

What’s his/her job?      He’s a
computer engineer.

What are his/her hobbies?  He likes playing computer
games and watching movies.


D. Family

Are you from a big family? Yes, I’m
from a big family. I have 14 uncles and aunts.

Are you the oldest child? No, I’m the
second oldest.

Are you the only child? Yes, I’m the
only child.

Are you the youngest child? No, I’m the
oldest child.

Do you get along with your family
members? Yes, we all get along well. 

Not really. I don’t get along with my brother. 

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yes, I have two older sisters.

Do you like to stay at home? Why/ Why
not? Yes, I do. It’s very comfortable.

Do you like your relatives? Why/Why
not? No, I don’t. They are too nagging.

Do you live with your family? No, I
live in Taipei alone. My family live in  


10.  Do you spend a lot of time with your family? Not really.
We are all very busy.

11.  How old are your parents? They are in their sixties. /
They are fifty something.

12.  How old is your mother? She’s fifty-four years old. /She
passed away last year.

13.  What does your brother do? He’s a PE teacher.

14.  What’s your father like?  He’s tall and handsome. /
He’s smart and serous.

15.  What’s your mother like?  She’s a bit overweight. /
She’s funny and friendly.

16.  When do you get together with your family? I get together
with my family on  

     big holidays, like
Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Moon Festival.

17.  When do you have dinner with your family?

  I have
dinner with my family on the weekend / every day / on big holidays.

18.  When do you see your relatives? I see them on big
holidays, at weddings or


19.  Which family member do you like the best? I like my
sister the best because she  

     always helps me with
my homework.

20.  Who do you like the least in your family? I like everyone
but I’m a bit afraid of my father because he’s very serious.

E4B American Headway 1 L2
Unit 2 Meeting people       Jess Lin        P.3


E. In a restaurant

點菜其實不難,難的是菜單的菜名可能看不懂。一般正式的西餐菜單會有開胃菜appetizer/starter、主菜main dish/main course/entrée、甜點dessert、飲料drink/beverage。主菜的附菜side dish有時候可以選,例如要薯條french fries,烤洋芋baked
potatoes或洋芋泥mashed potatoes,或其他青菜等。



What would you like?
/ What kind of dressing would you like?

How would you like
your steak? / What would you like to drink?

Would you like anything


點菜時的句型可用I’d like …
I’ll have … ,或是Can I have …?

最好不要用 I want …。英文的want語氣比較強烈,有時會令人覺得不禮貌。

I’d like a steak. / I’ll
have a cup of coffee. / Can I have a soup?



In a

Waiter Customer
Good morning!

Hi. Can I help you?



Sure. Anything else?

Anything to drink?

OK. Here you are.

    There you go.

Five fifty.

Good morning!

Yes. Can I have a sandwich, please?

    I’d like a sandwich, please.

    I’ll have a sandwich, please.

A coke, please.


Thanks. How much is that?


OK. Thank you.




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